Interview Round

One of one

General Setup of job interview

Two interviewers which lasted for two hour interview. This was a fairly informal interview..

They asked some simple econometrics questions about interpreting the main statistics from a regression output. These were basic graduate econometric interview questions.

I had to conducted a short presentation to show I knew how to use excel and the basics of marketing such as the type of factors that promoted volume sales.

They asked whether I know the four 'p's of marketing? These are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place (Distribution)
  • Promotion

They asked me a lot about econometrics at university. What I had done. What I enjoyed about econometrics/my education, why I applied for the job, what I like/know about the advertising industry. Asked about my interests - who I'd like to play me in a movie that kind of stuff.

Interestingly no formal HR questions were asked, like strengths and weakness type thing.


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