Financial Consultant


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Notes on the interview - The first interview was a telephone interview. The guy on the other end of the phone was very enthusiastic. He asked lots of questions concerning what I wanted from life, whether I was money or success led and what were my main motivations for the position. Very unstructured interview which allows both parties to get a feel for each other.


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Notes on the interview - This was an interview within the office with one of the partners. It was the same person that I had spoken to on the phone. The interview was pretty much exactly the same of the one before. It gave a few more opportunities to ask questions but very little was given away. If you were still keen after this point you are invited to an afternoon where they sell you the company and the position. It seemed to me that the job was more of a sales job rather than a financial position. The idea that they encouraged you to sell to friends and family made me personally a little uncomfortable and hence didn't go any further.


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