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Notes on the interview

Having taken and passed the online maths test there was an interview with a senior member of staff. Note that the final round interview is with a partner. The interview was a mixture of questions about your knowledge and about yourself.

It began with talking about an industrial sector that was of interest to you and the wider world at the moment. I talked about open source software. The interviewer asked why this sector was important, what the future held for it and then more specific questions taken from my previous answers.

This part of the interview investigated your general knowledge of the business environment and whether you have a grip of what is going on in the wider economy. If you choose a well known topic then make sure you know it thoroughly as your interviewer is likely to have a good grip on the topic. Choosing something different will help you to stand out from the crowd and will make it more interesting for the interviewer.

The second section was the standard first round graduate interview questions.

These included:

Give me an example of when you've worked in a team. What was your role in the team? Did you take a leadership position within the team?

Tell me about a time you've overcome a problem. How did you overcome the problem? What was the outcome?

When have you worked under pressure. How did you cope under pressure? What was the outcome of this pressure situation?

The interview ended with a verbal reasoning test.


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