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Notes on the job interview

Although I knew my chances for getting this job were very low as they required some experience I decided to go for it in anyway. The first interview was the standard interview set up. The person who's position I was going for and the internal HR person. It lasted about 40 mins and I was quite relaxed as they were very nice people.

Interview questions asked

Interview one - Standard questions (Why PWC, tell me a time...........)


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Notes on the job interview

I made it to the second round and was interviewed by the two heads of Knowledge Management. I can only say it was the most mentally exhausting interview I have been to. I was instantly put on the spot, hardly caught a smile from the interviewer and with every question I answered I was thrown a counter-question that in most cases completely contradicted me or had me digging my-self out of quicksand.

Job interview questions asked

Interview two - You have three minutes, tell me everything you know about Knowledge Management.

You have one minute, the CEO doesn't have a clue about Knowledge Management. Sell it to him. If I have an argument with your other boss and we both tell you to do two different projects at the same time, what will you do?


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