HSBC graduate trainee

Date of job interview

October 2007


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Notes on the job interview

The interview is a fairly standard telephone interview that lasts about half an hour. It follows the standard human resource type interview questions that you get in the first round of most major corporate companies.

Job interview questions asked

In the telephone interview they will asked:

Tell me a little about yourself? What are you currently doing? What does that involve? Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of your education / employment? These interview questions can be quite chatty and will help them to get an understanding of what type of person you are and whether you will fit into the HSBC team.

Why you want to work for HSBC and why do you want to work in this position?

Where you see yourself in five to ten years? How will working for HSBC help you to achieve your long term goals?

Where you have worked previously? What did you learn whilst working at this position? Tell me about a time when you had to overcome a problem during your time in this job?

Tell me about the skills you have acquired through your eduction, employment and other activities that you believe will help you in this job at HSBC?

There also tend to be a range of the standard graduate first round interview questions.


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