Business administration interview questions

Jobs in business administration are involved in the day to day running of a company primarily including secretarial jobs, data processing jobs, company secretarial jobs and personal assistant jobs.

Some of these positions lend themselves to temporary positions such as data entry, however this is not the case for all jobs in business administration. For example company secretarial positions will often require a graduate degree and can require the completion of a post graduate qualification. Those working for large companies as a company secretary can expect to earn six figure salaries.

As such the business administration job interview questions will vary greatly. Those applying for data entry jobs and basic secretarial jobs are likely to face basic human resource type questions to establish their ability to be able to do the job and fit into the working environment. These job interviews may also include practical tests to establish typing speed and accuracy.

Company secretary job interviews tend to be a more extensive process and will often include a number of interview rounds. The first round is likely to include the basic human resources type questions and include a set of numerical and verbal reasoning tests. The next rounds are likely to include competency interview questions to see your knowledge of the subject matter and your ability to solve problems that could potentially arise whilst doing the job.

Actual questions asked at business admininstration job interviews: