International development project assistant job interview | International Development Charity

Job title

Project assistant

Interview round

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Notes on the job interview

Thirty minute computer exercise, which I was told there would be in advance and advised to read over their web site.

The computer exercise was made up of two questions; one about how to plan a campaign strategy and one asking for a checklist that I'd make if I was planning a breakfast seminar.

I then went in to the actual interview where I presented what I'd written, then had a fairly informal one hour interview.

Job interview questions asked

1. Why I'd be good for the role.

2. What experience I've had in planning charity campaigns.

3. What I'd do if a campaign plan ran into trouble or if an event had to be cancelled at the last minute.

4. What experience I've had or working with young people between 16 and 25 yrs.

5. What would my current colleagues say about me, and what would I like them to say about me.

6. How do I think I would cope with handling sensitive and confidential information.


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