Charity and not for profit job interview questions

Jobs in the charity and not for profit sector come in many different forms including fund raising, events organisation, administration roles and implementing policies on the ground. Therefore charity and not for profit job interviews will vary significantly from role to role. It is therefore worth looking at the other job interviews listed on this web site.

Jobs at charities, particularly the well known and international charities are highly sort after. Therefore even if you are applying for an internship or voluntary job don't expect the job interview to be easy.

Many charity jobs will involve working closely with people and therefore one of the key skills required will be people skills and the ability to communicate effectively. For example most fundraising jobs will require you to contact potential fundees by telephone, email and in person. Therefore it will be important to portray confidence and clarity at the job interview.

Preparing for a charity job interview should include reading through the charity's web site, making sure you understand what is required to do the job and to consider potential questions you may be asked and questions to ask at the job interview.

Actual questions asked at charity job interviews: