Outreach & Development Officer job interview | Clapham & Stockwell Faith Forum Position

Job title

Outreach and Development Officer

Interview round

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Notes on the job interview

Informal forty minute interview with the chair and the secretary of the organisation. It is only a small organisation and therefore there were few people who could possibly interview me.

The organisation also had very little internet or newspaper exposure which did make it difficult to gain much information about the organisation or the position beforehand. The interviewers were well aware of this and were happy to give me all the information I needed at the interview.

I did make sure that I read through online articles and the web sites of similar organisations so I could get some idea of the sort of thing that an interfaith organisation would do, the problems they face and how they go about solving them.

Job interview questions asked

What experience do you have working in a multi-faith environment discussion?

How would you encourage people from marginalised communities to get involved in multi-faith activities?

Give some practical examples of events of projects that would bring very different communities in the area together.


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