Corporate Fundraising Executive job interview | Plan UK (international children's charity)

Job title

Corporate Fundraising Executive

Interview round

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Notes on the job interview

There were thirty minutes of questions with two interviewers. The interview process was very formal and the interviews liked to focus upon specific achievements from my previous employment. Sections of the interview were also competency based, asking me questions about how I would approach fundraising tasks and why I thought this was the best idea. There was a small part of the interview which allowed for the interviewers to get to know me better, but more than anything it focused upon my core skills.

Following this there was a thirty minute written test comprising of two questions which asked how I would go about creating a fund raising campaign, who I would approach, which written documents I would produce and ideas for suitable events for the charity.

Tip - Doing your background research is vital for job interview success. Click here to find out more.

It was therefore important to have done my background preparation as the written question assumed that you knew what the charity did, who there principle audience was and what they considered suitable events and messages for their campaign.

Job interview questions asked

What funding I have secured in my jobs to date?

What key approaches would I use in approaching a potential corporate supporter?

Which charity-business partnerships do I admire and why?


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