Job title

Outreach officer

Interview round

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Notes on the job interview

The interview lasted just over an hour and a half. It was divided into two sections. The first section involved preparing and giving a presentation to a panel of two people. When you arrived I was given a topic to present on which was loosely connected to the job I was going for and then given an hour to prepare an oral presentation. They did not have the facilities to create any materials or slides for the presentation, but with only an hour to prepare there would not have been time for this. The presentation lasted between five to ten minutes.

Following the presentation there was a half hour interview with the same people that you had given the presentation to.

Job interview questions asked

How to deal with difficult staff situations as a manager?

What experience in community outreach I had?

How to effectively communicate the commission's policies to a wide audience?

What suggestions I had to develop the unit's work with different communities?


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