Cover letter writing tips | Application cover letter example

(Your address)
(Your address)
(Your phone number)


(Person’s name)
(Name of company)
(Company address)
(Company address)

Dear (person’s name)

Re:  (name of position/vacancy – include vacancy number if applicable)

I wish to apply for the position of …………………………. as advertised in ………………………..

I enclose my CV to support my application.  In it you will see that I would bring some important skills to the position, including:

(Use this space to give the employer more information about how you match the job they are advertising.  For example, what your current role is, why you are interested in the position or any other relevant experience you have that may help your application.)

I would be pleased to attend an interview with you and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely (when you know the person’s name)
Yours faithfully (when you don’t know the person’





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