Cover letter writing tips | Cover letter examples

With technical advances the ways of sending and creating cover letters have increased. Nevertheless the basics of cover letter writing remains the same.

Below are three types of cover letters:

E-mail cover letter

Do not write a cover letter in the body of the e-mail as it is hard to format and a different email reader could present the cover letter in a confusing style. Write a short message in the e-mail such as "please find attached..." and send two attachments consisting of your cover letter and resume.

It is a common mistake to treat e-mail messages lightly, using informal language and style. Keep a professional writing style and write the letter document just as if you were hand writing the letter or printing the document onto headed paper.

It is often a good idea to turn on the "Read receipt" function in your email inbox if you have it. This will provide you with some comfort that the email has been received by the company and that it has been read.

Letter of inquiry

This is an open letter to find out about possible openings, application procedures and to register for the data bank for recruitments. These should be sent out in bulk several months in advance to gather information. It is best to do some extensive research when doing this and prepare a data base or excel spreadsheet to store everything you have found out. It is also useful to set up a mail merge system which can send out the bulk emails a lot more quickly.

Application letter

The letter of application is sent with your CV or application form to apply for a job which has been advertised. The advice on this web site concentrates on this type of cover letter as this is one of the documents that is most likely to influence your interview process as it may be directly referred to.


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