Job interview questions | Administration and retail job interview questions

Self Perception

Tell me how you think some of your closely friends or colleagues would describe you as a person?

Tell me about an achievement or event in your life of which you are particularly proud?

What do you consider to be your weaknesses or areas for improvement?

How would you overcome these weaknesses?

Why do you want the job?


What experiences have you had working or playing in groups or teams?

Tell me about a team success story in which you have been involved?

Customer Care Potential

What aspects of your working experience have you most enjoyed?

Tell me about a time when you felt you had done a good job for someone (customer, line manager, in the community)?


What is the hardest think you have had to cope with in a work environment?

When starting a new job what are some of the things that you were most concerned about in those first few days?


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