Job interview technique | What to do during a job interview

Arrive at the interview venue with plenty of time to spare, go into the offices ten minutes before the interview is scheduled to start. You do not want to be rushing to the interview as you are likely to come in flustered and maybe a little sweaty.

A good firm handshake to show confidence (but don't hurt them).

Be confident in all you say - even if you're not feeling confident at the time. Being confident will make your answers seem much more convincing and will inspire confidence in you as an applicant.

If there is something written in your CV that you think might make you less likely to get the job then make sure you have a good explanation of why this is not the case. Preparation before the interview will help overcome these problems. If you feel confident that you can answer these concerns then bring up this issue in the interview. These will show the interviewer that you are aware of any potential problems and indicate that it is not a problem or that it can be overcome.

Try not to lie - unless you're confident you won't get caught. If you do get caught then it is extremely unlikely that you'll be able to recover from that point and the rest of the interview will be a waste of time.

Make sure the interviewer doesn't talk over you. Be respectful but make sure that you get across all the points you want to make.

Try to turn the interview into a two way conversation, intersperse the interview with you own questions. This will make you seem interested and will create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Don't be negative about your current position. Try to seem like a positive person who is looking for a new challenge. Being positive may be difficult but employers view negative job interview answers poorly. They'll consider you a negative person with a negative attitude which will rub off on other members of staff.


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