Job interview technique | Questions to ask at a job interview

Nearly every interview will end with the interviewer asking you whether you have any questions that you would like to ask. Use this opportunity to both answer any genuine questions you might have and to ask questions that will give you the chance to show your knowledge, your interest in the business and any skills you don't believe were highlighted in the interview process.

Although it is a good idea to go to the interview with a few questions in your mind, don't ask them if they could have been answered in your background research or if the answer has come up in the interview itself.

Genuine questions to ask

If you have any concerns about the position you are going for then this will provide you with the opportunity to overcome those concerns. However it is important to approach the question from a positive stance, as you don't want to make the interviewer think that you don't want the job.

It is probably best to avoid asking about your salary at this point. If it hasn't been mentioned in the interview then they are likely to have a human resources process that follows the offer of a job.

If you think that you are a very good candidate or you know you have options at other companies then raising your genuine concerns can be a useful way to highlight to firms that you are not desperate for the job, and if they really want you then they will have to give you the pay and incentives you are looking for.

  • Is this business able to cope with the current tough market conditions?
  • I like to be challenged in my career. Will this job provide me with regular challenges?
  • Why has this position become available? Is this a new position or has someone left?
Questions to ask about the company

Use this opportunity to show that you are interested in the company and the sector it operates in. This will help to highlight your enthusiasm and your current knowledge of the sector.

  • I was very interest reading your last annual report that you were planning on expanding into China. How is this progressing?
  • What are the plans for the business over the next five years? Is the business planning on expansion?
  • Where do you think the industry is moving?
  • I recently read that the government is planning on introducing a new regulation for the industry, it seems that this will negatively impact business. How is the firm reacting to these changes?
Questions to ask about the job

Asking questions about the job will help to highlight your enthusiasm for the particular job you are going for. This will give you the chance to ask questions that show that you are keen to learn, work within a team and to highlight your skills.

  • I have recently been studying the sector and found X particularly interesting. Will my job allow me to further this interest?
  • Who will I be working with in this role?
  • Who will I report to?
  • I am particularly good at using Microsoft Excel. Will I be able to use this skill in this job?
  • How will this job fit into the wider workings of the business?
Questions to ask about the future

Unless you are going for a temporary job, most employers will be looking to take you on for more than two years. They will therefore be keen to know that you are looking to make a long term commitment to the company. Certain questions can help highlight your willingness to establish a career with that company.

  • I am keen to progress my career and achieve within this field. Do you provide any training opportunities that will help me to achieve this?
  • How should I expect this role to progress? Will there be opportunities to expand the role?
  • I am looking to get a full understanding of the business and the sector. Will I be able to work with other departments within the business?
  • Will there be opportunities for promotion within the company?
  • How does a typical career progress within this company?


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