Job searching tips | Searching for work in the newspaper

Using local and national newspapers is a useful way of finding employment. Newspapers will often have a dedicated jobs sections at least once a week. Sometimes there will be two jobs sections per week, one listing private sector employment and one listing that advertised by the public sector.

The major national newspapers are likely to list only very high profile jobs in their printed newspapers as this space is very expensive to buy. However, they are also likely to have online employment listings. These listings are likely to have a much greater variety of jobs.

Some examples of these job listing sites are:

> Guardian jobs

> Telegraph jobs

> Times jobs

Sometimes it is not always clear what required from the job advertisement in the press. As space is often expensive many of the job advertisements will be quite short and not very descriptive. If you do not know exactly what is required when applying for the job then it is wise to get in contact with the company directly before sending the application. This will make sure you send all the correct documents and it will also give you the opportunity to introduce yourself and ask questions that will help you to target your CV and cover letter.


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