Job searching tips | Searching for jobs on the internet

There are many places on the internet where jobs are posted. Principally the two best places that you want to search are the web sites of companies you wish to work for and dedicated job listing sites.

Company web sites

Most companies will have a careers section to their web site. Even the smaller companies will have a page that provides details of their employment policy or where to send your CV. Although smaller companies are less likely to be looking to take people on at the time you are looking for work, they may keep your CV for a later date. This method of application is similar to the direct application approach.

Larger companies that employ many thousands of people are likely to have an extensive section of their web site dedicated to advertising jobs and employment opportunities. They are also likely to use their web site as part of the application process. This could include filling in an application form, submitting your CV or even taking an online numerical or verbal reasoning test. This web site will contain much more detail about the type of jobs you are applying for and will attempt to sell the roles in order to attract the best applicants.

Job listing web sites

There are a wide variety of job listing web sites. Some that are specialist for certain types of applicants (e.g. graduates), some that are for certain industries (e.g. finance) and some that cover a wide variety of jobs. These job listing web sites can sometimes be part of other web sites, such as those included within the national newspaper web sites.

It is worth looking on all types of web site because companies are unlikely to have the budget to advertise on them all and therefore you might be missing out on potential employment.

These sites generally have a facility that will allow you to submit your CV and details of the sort of job you are looking for. Although submitting you CV does not often result in calls directly from potential employers, recruitment consultants will regularly look through these CV's to find candidates that match the requirements of jobs on their books. This is therefore a good way of finding a recruitment consultant who can link you to a job.

When listing your CV on these web sites it is also wise to think about the sort of search terms that recruitment consultants and potential employers will be looking for. If you are able to give a title to your CV then make sure it is not too technical and absent of commonly searched for terms. For example, the term "Economist" will not be widely searched for, but "Economics analyst" is much more likely to be searched for, even though it means practically the same thing.

It is also important to resubmit your CV about every two weeks to these web sites. Even though your CV remains on the web site, your CV will move down the list and will be harder for potential employers to find.

A good way of knowing when you have got your title right and when you need to resubmit your CV is by the number of calls and emails you get from potential employers or recruitment consultants. If you were getting many calls and are no longer getting any then it is time to resubmit your CV. If you never got any calls at all then it is time to change the title of your CV and perhaps it is also time to make changes to your CV.


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