Job searching tips | Using a recruitment consultants to find work

Recruitment agents can be extremely useful when looking for a job but they can also be completely useless. Some recruitment consultants can be a great help by linking you with potential employment, providing you with helpful hints for the interview and making sure you have feedback following the interviews. However, there are also some recruitment consultants who are more influenced by making a quick buck than providing you with a valuable service.

There are many recruitment consultants about, some good and some bad. The good recruitment consultants will take time to meet with you, go through the sort of employment you are looking for, will provide helpful hints when you are applying for work and will send you to the sort of jobs you are likely to want.

The other types of recruitment consultants are looking for a high turnover of applicants to try and maximise the change that they will find a successful applicant that will make them commission. These recruitment consultants are unlikely to give you much of their time and are likely to be unhelpful should you have questions or problems. They will also tend to send you to job interviews that do match your own search criteria. They are likely to waste your time and should be avoided.

Make sure you get to know your recruitment consultant before instructing them to send your CV out to potential employers. Find out whether they are going to be helpful, whether you trust them and whether they have the sort of jobs you want on their books. Recruitment consultants make very good commission when they find successful candidates for companies, therefore make sure they provide you with a first class service. If they don't then take your business elsewhere.

You can find recruitment consultants in a variety of places. The bigger consultancies will have their own web sites and some have their own office space. Those consultancies with office space tend to be those that specialise in temporary or low skilled employment.

Another way of finding a recruitment consultant is by placing your CV and details on a jobs web site such as Monster, Recruitment consultants tend to search these pages on a daily basis to look for potential candidates that can fill the jobs on their books. If you leave your contact details on this type of site you are likely to find that you receive a call or an email from a recruitment consultant within the next few days of posting.


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