Marketing job interview questions

Jobs working in marketing could include: television jobs and traditional media advertising jobs; online media jobs; media sales jobs; creative media jobs; company marketing jobs and investor relations jobs.

Although there are a vast variety of job types available in the marketing industry it is also a very popular industry to work in. As such there tends to be a high level of competition for jobs in marketing. A marketing degree or qualification can help you to stand out from the crowd.

Marking is also a people based industry and good people skills is a must, therefore coming across well in the job interview is very important. Candidates at interview who lack enthusiasm and confidence (not to be confused with arrogance) tend to fall down in marketing job interviews.

It is also worth noting that marketing firms, particularly those new media marketing businesses (roughly speaking online marketing) are often young companies with a relatively young set of staff. Therefore the interviews can be a little more informal than in other industries. This is not a reason to take the interview process seriously. The interviewer will be keen to see that you can act professionally even in a more formal setting.

Actual questions asked at marketing job interviews: