Oxbridge Questions

Those attend interview at Oxford University and Cambridge University often face particularly tough interview questions that are there to make the candidate think both laterally and logically and to test how they are able to apply their knowledge.

Below are a list of these Oxbridge questions.

Question 11 to 20 of 111

University Course Question
Oxford PPE Should there be an intelligence test to decide who could vote?
Oxford Physics How would you travel through time?
Oxford History Why are you sitting in this chair?
Oxford English Do you know who decided to put English Literature on to the school syllabus?
Oxford Human Science Are there too many people in the world?
Oxford Physics Tell me about these eggs?
Oxford Medicine When are people dead?
Oxford Mathematics and Philosophy What makes you think that I am having thoughts?
Oxford Economics and Management What do you think of teleport machines?
Oxford Economics and Management Should a Wal-Mart store be opened in the middle of Oxford?

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