Job title

Sales Consultant

Interview round

1 of 1

Job interview questions

About a 100 question survey on musical knowledge etc....

...also according to HMV itself:

"You'll be responsible for merchandising, replenishing stock, customer enquiries and eventually buying products into the store, using your specialist product and market knowledge."

They will want to see that you know who is on the charts at the moment.

What can you bring to the role?

Why do you want the jon?

Why should we employ you?

Why do you want to work for HMV and not say Virgin Music?

What's you favourite music?

What hours can you work?

Interview tips

Revise on your previous experience in relation to HMV criteria of a suitable individual. The specialist knowledge also plays a big part with recruitment.

Try to make sure you know a bit about more than one genre of music.


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