Job title

Merchandiser's Admin Assistant

Job interview questions

Maths test that lasts 20 minutes and calculators are allowed.

Group exercise which lasts 15 minutes. This is a merchandising type task with a presentation at the end.

One on one interview which lasts about half an hour. The interview included questions about your CV and past experience and merchandising scenarios etc,

Other questions included were those about Arcadia and one of the Groups particular brands.What you think an Merchandiser's Admin Assistant (MAA) does on a daily basis, how you would cope with repetitive tasks and the challenges you think are facing the high street at the moment.

Interview tips

The 20 minutes allowed for the maths test is precisely the time needed. You must answer all the questions quickly.

Be thoroughly prepared. You have to know about the company and brands in detail. Speak up during group task and make sure you have something in your head for the presentation at the end. Make sure you can explain any gaps in your cv.

Critical question: Why do you want to work for Arcadia? Make sure you have a good answer. Do some practice questions for the maths test, which is related to merchandising, it may be a good idea to look up some basic merchandising formulas (mark up and so on).


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