The following question was asked at a sales job interview. Please find below suggested answers to these interview questions.

As a salesman what steps did you take to achieve your targets?

Job interview question answers:

Thorough research of the products I was selling. This helped me to answer any questions that the client may have had and to suggest products that fit the client's needs. A complete knowledge of the product gave the client the confidence in what I was telling them.

Research of my clients and potential clients. Researching current clients allowed me to focus my sales pitch to meet the needs of their business and to target them when I knew they were in the market to buy. Researching potential clients highlighted people who would potentially buy my product, even if they hadn't heard about it yet.

Monitoring my own performance. I would set myself weekly targets and re-evaluating my performance when I failed to meet these targets.

Learning from others. Learning from more experienced colleagues to further techniques and approaches.

Managing my time. To maximise my selling potential I focusing my attention on high value clients and minimising dead ends.


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