Job application advice and tips

Job applications come in a variety of different styles. Some are as simple as picking up the telephone and saying that you are interested in working in the company, others involve sending the standard cover letter and cv. However, with larger companies that take on many staff every year, particularly for graduate jobs, it has become common practice to start the application process with either a paper based or online application form.

It is important that you take this application seriously and that you answer the questions with the utmost of care. The application form is your potential employers first contact with you and will be used by their human resources team to disregard anyone who is not suitable for the role. Given the amount of people that are applying for these positions and the cost of interviewing candidates, there will be many application forms that will be rejected.

Make sure you spend time checking through your answers to the application form. Although the questions are likely to be quite generic do not get lazy and write what you think they are asking rather than what they actually want.

It is a good idea if you are doing many application forms to copy and paste your answers into a Word document. This way you will be able to check your spelling. It will also allow you to use the answers again, or improve them for the next application form. This can save you a lot of time if the same question comes up, but remember to make sure it is the same question. Don't be lazy and try and fit old answers around new questions.

Find here a comprehensive list to application forms for some of the biggest companies. This should help to inspire you if you are searching for a job.